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Island Park, Idaho


Harriman State Park:

Just 35 minutes away, is not only the home of several trumpeter swans, numerous wildlife and water fowl, but is also known as the " Railroad Ranch". Tours are conducted regularly through the old Log Cabin Ranch Buildings including the Dining Hall where the old silverware, dinnerware, and linens of the early railroad era are on display.

Mesa Falls:

Just 50 minutes away, where the Henry's Fork of the Snake River is squeezed into a narrow gorge with two falls, the Upper and Lower Falls, where the waters cascade over 65 feet. A recently restored Lodge provides the traveler with information on the area.

Cave Falls:

Just 1 hour & 10 minutes away, in the Bechler Meadows Area of Yellowstone National Park, the only part of the Park that can be entered through Idaho via Ashton, Idaho. When you leave Ashton you travel approximately 18 miles on a road which takes you through farm fields and mountain meadows to the picturesque Cave Falls on the Fall River. For the hiker just downstream from the Falls are located several Trailheads, these trails are for hikers and nonmotorized access.

Jackson Hole:

Just 2 hours away can be reached by the scenic route via Ashton, Tetonia, Driggs, and Victor to Jackson Hole. The second way to reach Jackson Hole is through the Park via the West entrance at West Yellowstone, Madison Junction, Old Faithful, West Thumb out the South entrance, Flagg Ranch to Jackson Hole.

West Yellowstone:

Just 20 minutes away, is a must for for the visitor to the area, it has several gift shops, dining facilities, Playmill Theater with live entertainment, Imax Theater for the thrill of a lifetime, the live bear park that features bears of the area and shows throughout the day seven days a week during the summer.

Yellowstone National Park:

Just minutes away, in West Yellowstone is the West entrance to Yellowstone National Park, a must for the sight-seeing traveler. Yellowstone National Park is filled with numerous and wondrous areas of interest from meadows and streams with fish and wildlife to the flowing hot pools that run into the streams; the numerous geysers of which Old Faithful is the most well-known and which erupts about every hour; Yellowstone Lake, a cold beautiful lake for fishing and boating and the Upper and Lower Falls are just a few of the wonders in the Park. The Park is a two to three day sight-seeing adventure.

Quake Lake:

Just 40 minutes away, a lake that was formed when an earth quake caused the entire side of a mountain to fall away from one side of the canyon and go up the other side of the canyon and then come to rest in the bottom causing a newly formed dam of the Madison River which formed a new lake which is now known as "Quake Lake". This happened in August, 1959. Visit the Lake Museum at the site for Information Show.

Virginia City & Nevada City:

Just 1 hour & 20 minutes away, two historically preserved mining towns that will take you back in time over a hundred years. With wooden sidewalks, preserved cabins with all the features of that period of time some preserved shops of the era, it is like a true step back in time. A train ride will take you from one city to the other and back through the mining areas which made these cities famous. The Museum has a fascinating display of artifacts of the area from the past, including the clubfoot of one of the famous robbers of that time! There is a hotel from out of the past in which you can book a room and enjoy the flavor of yesteryear. Enjoy the playhouse that features a live performances each evening.