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Activities in Island Park


Sawtell Peak:

Just minutes away, a well maintained gravel road takes you to the top of the mountain where it is a large flat plateau resplendent with knee-high multicolored wildflowers. The view is breathtaking! From this vantage point you can look to the North down onto Henry's Lake, to the South down onto Island Park Reservoir, to the Southeast you can see the fantastic Grand Tetons, and to the West the ranches and Centennial mountain range.

Big Springs & Johnny Sacks Cabin:

Just minutes away and is the head of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River where the river virtually bubbles out of the ground through blue, black, and white sand. Nestled in the trees at the head of the Springs is a log cabin which is on the National Historical Register. The cabin was built by a very talented German immigrant in the thirties and everything in the cabin is handmade, even down to the lamp shades which are made from animal skins. Two miles downstream from Big Springs you can float the river all the way to Macks Inn, approximately a three hour float trip through the forest on very calm water.